Tanya Danielle

Tanya Danielle was born December 3, 1976 and raised in Northern California. Her parents had enrolled her in an all-girl high school and by the time that she was 18, she had moved to the Southern part of the state and was attending college. However, the straight and narrow wasn’t the right path for her. She soon dropped out of school and started stripping. By 2000, she was shooting porn videos.

Drawn to debauchery with a sexual curiosity that fueled the fire within her, the 5’5″ 36DD-23-35 knockout found the life of an adult entertainer far more satisfying than anything else she had ever experienced and so she went with it and is still rocking the industry more than a decade later.

With masturbation and lesbian scenes being her specialty, Tanya has earned an abundance of fans from both sexes and the number continue to increase with every new scene. So far, she has shot more than 260 films!